Friday, November 25, 2011

Deer Roast

Putting the deer on the rotisserie
I got the deer and Manfred made the rotisserie

Preparing the Rub
Scott made the rub by grinding salt, garlic, and rosemary together.

Attaching the deer to the rotisserie
We tied the deer to the rotisserie with butcher twine.

Shannon is getting the fire ready
We started a hot fire with hardwood then added charcoal when ever it died down.

Still getting the deer on the rotisserie

Rubbing the salt rub
Rub the salt all over the inside and out.

Shot of the rotisserie
Manfred made the rotisserie out of stuff he found. The cage is from a liquid shipping container. The bar is a pipe. He said his friend found the motor in a dumpster. He made the coupler out of some pipe attachments and screws.

We basted the deer with homebrew beer and olive oil through out the roast.



Almost done
Six hours later.



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